Mission and Vision

It is our mission to create a new way of feeling and exploring unknown environments. Our goal is to create innovative location-based solutions able to project users' travel experience to the next level.

LatitudeN seeks at becoming an important provider of intelligent mobile solutions in tourism, in partnerships with the most significant cities and content providers, on a global scale. Our experienced and motivated team, together with an international group of experts, aims to revolutionize the way that people use mobile devices to feel, explore and interact with their surrounding environment.


At LatitudeN we share values that compass our actions and define who we are and how we do our work:

     INNOVATION as the creation of value based on sustainable development.
     EXCELLENCE as the will to do increasingly better.
     PASSION as the motivation to always go further in all aspects of our work.
     INTEGRITY as the strength to be ourselves.
     RESPECT as a commitment to all people we contact on our daily activity.


LatitudeN GmbH is an ambitious technology start-up based since 2009 in Darmstadt, Germany.

Our company develops intelligent location-based mobile solutions with focus on the tourism sector.

Since October 2009 LatitudeN is partner of ESA (European Space Agency) Business Incubation Initiative. Through this, our company has collaborated with experts from the agency with deep knowledge of location-based technologies.

LatitudeN GmbH brings together a team of professionals on mobile software development and marketing, and is prepared to enter in an era where the real world and virtual world integrate.



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